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Context is everything, even when it's not

When we think about translations, we all want to believe in easy translatable words like “animal” or “festival,” but the truth is, not every cognate-like word is our friend.

Here at Landmark, we know the importance of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, especially sneaky ones like fake friends, those that slip under your radar and end up making significant changes in your transcripts.

A simple “estoy embarazada” is not the same as “I’m embarrassed” or an “Estoy constipado” to an “I’m constipated.” Let’s get these straight, and a lot of people will save themselves from some uncomfortable moments.

With such a rich language like Spanish, context can either make or break your understanding/meaning.

Because let’s be real, not everyone will get that when we say “un pollo bien rico,” we are not talking about a “very wealthy chicken.” Or “Es buena onda,” we are not really talking about waves or anything surfing-related; we are simply saying, “it’s cool.”

Thankfully here at Landmark, our native Spanish team can detect specific contexts, funny lingo, and even high-level innuendos.

Feel free and secure to leave your files with us knowing the end result will mean exactly what it was meant to mean.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! It is possible to transcribe audios from two source languages into a single one without any additional cost.
Of course! We have professional transcribers from various Spanish-speaking countries and regions, who have a perfect understanding of the different accents and dialects from their respective region.

Yes. We believe security and privacy is a basic human right. That’s why security and privacy by Default are the guiding principles for us in everything we do as a company.

Our system was designed based on the best practices of other leading technology firms and offers our clients the best environment for their data.

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